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Online since 2007, Lover is a magazine catering to the sexual interests and issues of women. Extending far beyond getting it on and getting off, sexual health and birth control, sexual stereotypes, pop culture, spirituality, relationships, motherhood, edgy journalistic features and erotic fiction, all fall within the realm of Lover’s content. Lover speaks in a smart, seductive voice, through a combination of tastefully provocative imagery, and engaging, articulate writing that both educates and entertains women who have embraced themselves as sexual beings.

A sex industry geared toward the wants and needs of women has flourished in recent years, with the female-oriented sex shops, television programming, books, videos and products sending a clear message that there is a need for Lover- to connect women, and this industry that serves them.

Lover is the first Canadian magazine devoted to reflecting and celebrating the complexity of sexual women. From coast to coast, women are bound to be satisfied by a brand new Lover.

The Mission

to be an aid for women in the ongoing discovery of their sexuality

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