Bare Woman #4: Kenickie Street

21 Dec

Photographer- J.Sinclaire
Model- Kenickie Street
Location- Toronto

Q&A with the model

Aside from the shower/changing and sex how often are you nude?

A: I’m more comfortable naked than dressed.

How did you feel during the shoot?

A: My only real thought was that it was weird to watch the woman who owned the studio surfing the net while I was standing there naked.

What thoughts went through your mind while being naked for the shoot?

A: This may sound a little cliche but I could hear Bif Naked’s “love myself today” running through my head.  I’ve made an incredible journey to self love, and on the eve of my 32nd birthday I was posing nude!

Did you notice tension in your body? A lack of looseness in your midsection, belly, hips, shoulders etc.? Change in breathing, holding breath?

A: My Photographer is one of my best friends.  I just remember Cher’s words, shoulders back, boobs up.  Confidence is the sexiest thing to wear.

Additional thoughts or observations?

A: As a plus sized woman the media tells me that I am unattractive, unhealthy and will live an unhappy, unfulfilled life.  I’m here to tell you that is a giant, steaming, load of crap!  I am healthy, happy and beautiful!

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  1. Leah January 5, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Wow! You’re gorgeous! :)

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